Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Please register your reactions to the 4 hour special that CNN aired on October 21 and October 22 under the comments section of this post. Thank you.


  1. I think it is interesting that CNN chose to market Latino in America as a sequeal to Black in America, there very well presented documentary about living as a black American. While there are clear similrities amongst the two groups as minorities, the immigrant perspective dominates the Latin culture in America. CNN adresses this well, during the parts I watched, focusing on hardships in Mexico leading to immigration, the journey of the immigrant (weather legal or illegal) and eventually how those immigrants end up living in American society.
    The segment on a young women who was forced to miss lots of school to helpher sick mother and support her family was very inspiring. She was missing classes however it was not because she was lazy or skipping to do illegal things. She felt the need to put her families prioroties before her own: education. She worked hard and still had trouble passing her classes because of missed classes. Her mother still did not speak English and that added to the families troubles because the women's daughter had to be at the family store to translate when necessary.
    When writing off inner-city schools as being full of unmotivated students we must step back and realize that every student has a family life that can either promote or hurt their cahnces at academic success.-- VINNIE

  2. I wasn't able to watch the documentary, but something I found interesting on the CNN site (http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2009/latino.in.america/garcias/) was that Jesse Garcia, who has had much success with acting when he first began, now is forced to take acting roles limited to that of Mexican stereotypes such as a gangster, a gardener, and an immigrant, just to pay his bills. I just saw this on the summary, but I think it would be interesting to see how he would portray an "immigrant" in his roles and whether or not he feels he is being a sell out by taking these roles for money.
    ~Lilibeth Rivera